In order to use your funds on different blockchain networks, you need to bridge them. By default, your funds on Ethereum will not show on the Polygon Network, and vice versa. You can bridge Your USDC & MATIC from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Network and back using any of these suggested options.

Important: Choose the appropriate Networks when using the below tools. If you are sending from Ethereum to Polygon, then choose the input as Ethereum and output as Polygon. If you are bridging funds back to Ethereum from Polygon, then the input.

Note: You will have to Connect to the correct Network after bridging your funds to view your balances.

A low fee bridge that easily allows you to bridge your assets between Ethereum & Polygon quickly. Unofficial bridge so use at your own risk.

The official Polygon bridge. Can be expensive when Ethereum gas fees are high.


Bridge from Ethereum to Polygon with Hop

Bridge from Polygon to Ethereum with Hop

Official Polygon Bridge

Bridge from Ethereum to Polygon with Polygon Bridge

Bridge from Polygon to Ethereum with Polygon Bridge

Bridge from Ethereum to Polygon with Polygon Bridge

Step 1

Go to and click on "Connect to a Wallet"

Step 2

Connect your Metamask, WalletConnect or Coinbase Wallet and click sign in the pop-up window that appears on screen

Step 3

Click the “Polygon Bridge” option

Step 4

Make sure you have "Deposit" selected and select the currency you would like to move from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Network

Step 5

Enter the Amount of USDC or other token you would like to bridge to Polygon. Click on the “Transfer” button.

Step 6

Follow the on screen prompts and notices informing you of transaction time estimates and estimated transaction fees (in ETH). Confirm your transaction when ready.

Step 7

After this first transaction completes, you will be prompted with a second wallet signature to send your funds. Click "sign", confirm the gas fees by clicking "Continue", and wait for your funds to arrive on the Polygon network.

Step 8 (Optional)

You can track the status of your transfer by checking the transaction information at by entering your wallet address, by switching the network in your wallet to "Polygon" to check your wallet balance, or by entering your wallet address on

Notice: If USDC on Polygon isn't showing up on your wallet extension, be sure to add USDC to your wallet extension of choice by adding a custom token and inserting this contract address: 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174. It takes 7-8 minutes for the deposit transaction to complete. Please wait for some time and click on "refresh balance".

Bridging from Polygon Network to Ethereum Mainnet

Step 1

If you want to move your funds from Polygon to Ethereum, click the "Switch to Polygon" Button at the top right of the screen and click "Switch Network" when prompted by your wallet

Step 2

Once on the Polygon Network in your wallet, click on the “Withdraw” Tab. Select your currency and enter the amount you want to withdraw from Polygon to the Ethereum. Click on the “transfer” button.

Step 3:

Review and click on the “Continue” button

Step 4

After checking the gas fees related to the transaction, press “continue”.

Step 5

Click “continue” to be redirected to the confirmation and validation of your transfer. "Sign" your wallet extension transaction as they pop up. There will be 3 transactions needing signing and time between them may vary. Be sure to sign all 3 transactions as they confirm.

Step 9 (Optional)

You can open or and enter your wallet address to follow your transaction’s status until your funds have successfully been bridged.

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