At DoinGud, you can add funds directly to your account using credit or debit card.

Adding USDC or MATIC with a Credit/Debit Card with Wert

Adding USDC with a Credit/Debit Card with Wyre

Adding USDC or MATIC with a Credit/Debit Card with Wert

Purchase USDC or MATIC directly on the Polygon Network With Credit/Debit Card


Supported list of Countries and US States

Wert Purchase Limits

$1,000 / week with basic profile verification

$9,500+ / week with advanced profile verification

You can increase your weekly purchase limits by following the steps here


Step 1: Go to “Manage Funds” on your profile

To fund your wallet click on your profile icon in the top right corner and click “Manage funds” from the drop down menu

Step 2: Click “Get MATIC” or "Get USDC" from the Manage Funds Popup

Step 3: Select your Payment Service

Select Wert as your payment service

Step 4: Enter the amount of MATIC or USDC you’d like to purchase

In this case we will select USDC, but you can select MATIC if you would like to purchase MATIC to cover your gas/transaction fees.

Double check that your wallet address matches your DoinGud/connected wallet address by clicking "Purchase Details"

Step 5: Enter your phone number

Step 6: Confirm Code

Enter the code sent to your phone number

Step 7: Enter your credit card information

Step 8: Enter your billing address

Step 9: Enter your personal details for verification purposes

Step 10: Wait for Wert profile to create (only for your first transaction)

Step 11: Confirm your purchase

Step 12: Confirmation and wait to receive funds


Optional: Upgrading your Wert Account Verification to increase weekly spending limit

Step 1: Navigate to your Wert Profile Settings

From the Wert popup, select the Profile Icon in the top right, this will take you to your profile page if you're signed in, otherwise you can sign in to your previously created Wert account with your account details.

Step 2: Navigate to your Profile's "Limits" section and select "Upgrade" to increase your Weekly Limit

Step 3: Enter your verification and identity details

Follow the on-screen prompts to the end, it should take around 5 minutes to complete the entire process.

Once finished, you will now have a higher weekly spending limit through our Wert checkout.

Adding USDC with a Credit/Debit Card with Wyre

💡 For a limited time, anyone who adds MUSDC (Polygon USDC) to their account using our Wyre will receive some FREE MATIC sent to their wallet once their transaction confirms.

Important: Wyre lets you purchase up to $500 worth of cryptocurrencies each week with basic verification. If you plan to add more than $500/week using a credit or debit card to your DoinGud account, you must verify your identity (KYC) with Wyre so they can increase your spending limit.

Wyre Purchase Limits:

US Basic Verification: Weekly: $500 • Monthly: $2,000 • Yearly: $5,000

US Advanced Verification: 7,500 weekly • 7,500 monthly • 100,000 yearly

International Basic Verification: Weekly: $1,000 • Monthly: $4,000 • Yearly: $7,500

International Adv. Verification: 10,000 weekly • 25,000 monthly • 250,000 yearly


Step 1

To fund your wallet click on your profile icon in the top right corner and click “Manage funds” from the drop down menu

Step 2

You can add USDC to your account by clicking "Buy token with card".

Step 3

Select Wyre as your payment service

Step 4

Select the MUSDC token (Matic/Polygon ready USDC).

*IMPORTANT: With our partner Wyre, you can buy MUSDC (Matic USDC) which gets you USDC directly on the Polygon network so you don't have to do any additional work.

Enter your desired MUSDC amount and click on “Select payment method” and choose "Credit /Debit Card"

*IMPORTANT: Be sure to double check the wallet address listed to make sure it's your DoinGud wallet address

Step 5

Select your payment method.

Step 6

Double check to make sure the wallet address listed matches your DoinGud or Polygon Wallet Address

Step 7

Accept the authorization terms, and click “Next”

Step 8

Enter your payment details and click “Submit”

Step 9

Enter your 6 digit verification code sent to your provided cell phone number

Step 10

Enter the 6 digit code showing on your credit, debit, or bank transaction

Step 11

Congrats! You now have some USDC in your wallet. You can track your funds by clicking "Track Transaction Status".

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