MATIC is the native token of the Polygon network and is used to pay network and gas fees. You will need MATIC on DoinGud in order to cover network fees for transacting on the Polygon network, similar to ETH gas fees if you're transacting on the Ethereum network (or other blockchain networks). Don't worry though! Transacting on Polygon with MATIC is inexpensive and often costs less than $0.10 per transaction, and even just 1 $MATIC can cover over 100+ transactions.

*Important: You don't need to transfer/bridge both USDC & MATIC to your Polygon wallet from the Ethereum Network. You may just bridge USDC and swap gas-less for some MATIC using the Polygon's Swap Tool.

Request Free MATIC

Easy and gas-free but not instant.

Note: The team reserves the right to monitor and limit the free $MATIC transfers based on members’ engagement with the DoinGud community.

Step 1: Join the DoinGud Discord

Join the DoinGud discord, be sure to verify in the #verify-here channel and choose your role in the #roles channel.

Step 2: Join the #💸 | abundance-fountain channel on the DoinGud Discord

Step 3: Comment Your DoinGud Username in The Chat

Comment your DoinGud username in the #💸 | abundance-fountain channel chat and we will airdrop you some MATIC within 48 hours if you currently have none. Once our team has sent you your MATIC on Polygon, we will leave a ✅ on your username.

Please note! This is a one-time airdrop so you will be unable to receive more free $MATIC in the future. We suggest everyone who wishes to continue transacting on our platform to look at the other options in this guide for Getting MATIC.

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