Once you've successfully received your USDC tokens on your DoinGud or Polygon wallet, it's time to get some MATIC tokens! Luckily you can do this super easily without paying any gas fees and swapping directly from a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Step 1

Go to https://wallet.polygon.technology/gas-swap and "Connect" your wallet.

Important: Make sure your wallet is on the "Polygon" Network, if it's not or you need to add it to your wallet, you can connect to the Polygon network by following this guide.

Step 2

Choose the token you would like to swap $MATIC for by clicking on "select token", in this example we'll be using USDC

Step 3

Click the amount of $MATIC you would like to receive. When ready, click "Approve" and then "Swap". The transaction should take a few moments and your MATIC should appear in your wallet.

Note: You can do hundreds of transactions with just 1 MATIC, and each transaction typically costs less than $0.01

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