If this is your first time using the Polygon Network with your wallet, please be sure to Connect to the Polygon Network on your wallet using this guide.

Step 1: Sign-up

Click “connect” and connect your existing crypto wallet or enter your email and confirm your email to get started. (Note: Email confirmation link has a 20 minute time limit)

Step 2: Connect DID & Ceramic

You can either create a new decentralized identification (DID) or connect to your pre-existing one.

Your DID is your decentralized identification, this way your information can be stored in a secure decentralized way and fully owned by you, rather than by the platform like traditional websites and social media platforms. This also means no one can change or control your information when using your DID on a platform.

Step 3: Enter your profile information

Add a username, email (optional), profile image, bio, and personal URL.

📢 While it’s optional, we highly recommend adding an Email Address to your account. This will be super handy so you can receive email notifications regarding offers, sales, gallery proposals, etc. via our ecosystem’s Notifications Preferences.

Optional Extra Steps:

Edit & Customize Your Profile

Editing Preferences & Notifications

You're all Set! Now you're ready to start using DoinGud.

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