allows for Polygon Network Deposit and Withdrawals without the need to bridge your funds back to another network. Follow the steps below to send your funds to your USDC (Polygon Network) or MATIC (Polygon Network) wallet.

Withdraw to Bank Account: You may also cash out your funds to a bank account using the below additional steps, however the minimum amount you need to cash out is $100 USD on

Step 1

Sign to your account and navigate to your account Dashboard

Step 2

Now we need to find your USDC or MATIC wallet address on the Polygon Network. To find this, click on “Crypto Wallet” and then the “Transfer” Button. Select “Deposit” and then select your currency of choice (in this case we will select USD Coin USDC, but you can do this for Polygon MATIC as well)

Step 3

In the “Deposit USDC” Popup, select “Polygon” under the “Select Network” option and copy the wallet address shown.

Step 4

Now it’s time to send your USDC to your wallet address. You may choose either of the example options below to transfer your funds to your new wallet or interact natively with your wallet extension of choice:

Step 5

After a short while, your funds should appear in your account (this can take several minutes or more, please be patient). When your funds have been fully deposited, you will be able to view them under your “Crypto Wallet” on the app.

Additional Steps to Cash Out to Your Bank

Step 6

Now that your funds are showing in your Crypto.comCrypto Wallet”, you will need to sell your Funds to Fiat. Click on the “Sell” button and choose USD Coin USDC.

Step 7

Under the “Sell USDC” page, select “Fiat Wallet” and enter the amount of USDC you wish to convert/sell to your local currency. You can view your “Max Balance” at the bottom to see how much you can sell.

When ready, Click the big blue “Sell X USDC” button and review your order. Click “Confirm” if everything looks good and your order will complete (it should convert/sell 1 USDC to $1 USD)

Step 8

Go back to your main account Dashboard and select “Fiat Wallet” and you will see your new balance in your designated local currency (in this case $1.00 USD).

Select “Transfer” and “Withdraw” and select the local currency to withdraw to your bank account.

Step 9

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw to your bank account and follow the on-screen prompts. After completing these final steps your funds should appear in your bank account within several days.

🚨 The minimum amount you can withdraw to your bank account is $100, so if you have less than that amount, you will not be able to withdraw until you have more in your account.

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