Congratulations! You’ve made your first NFT sale. Whether you’re a creator selling their work or a collector selling an NFT, users may claim their funds by navigating to their user Dashboard and completing the following steps.

💡 Note: Please make sure you are on the Polygon Network in your wallet before proceeding. If you need help connecting your wallet to Polygon, check out our Connecting your wallet to Polygon Network Guide.

Step 1

Once you have made a sale, you will see the claim bar appear on your Creator Dashboard. Click on the “Claim” button when you’re ready to receive your funds.

Step 2

You’ll see a popup, click “Confirm” and sign with your wallet

Step 3

Wait for your transaction to confirm and your funds will be deposited to your wallet.

You may view the status of your transaction by clicking the “View Transaction” notification in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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