To activate your DoinGud Creator Account and access our minting and upload tools, you will need to have a Creator Pass.

What’s a Creator Pass?

A Creator Pass code is a unique code given to active community members, campaign participants & winners, and select creators during our platform’s beta. There are no applications for codes and team members will give out these codes at their discretion.

Notice: DoinGud strives to be open and accessible to everyone, and will be removing the creator pass feature in early-mid 2022 to open the platform for all creators.

🚨 Beware of scammers and malicious users who impersonate team members. Our team will only issue creator passes via email from an authentic email address. Always double check your emails and validate who an email came from before giving away your information, clicking links, or connecting your wallet to a site.

Step 1: Sign-in to your DoinGud account

If you don’t already have a DoinGud account, you can learn how to make one here. Be sure to follow the Connecting your wallet to Polygon Network guide so you are on the right network in your wallet of choice. You can also click on your profile image in the top right at any time and “View Dashboard” to reach your profile page.

Step 2: Enter Your Creator Pass Code

From your account dashboard, go to the “Created” tab. If you have received an email from our team with your creator pass code, the code will look something like this: xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx

Please copy and paste the code you received in your Email and paste it into the Creator Pass field and click submit. Refresh your browser page.

What’s a Creator Pass and how do I get one? This is a code that gives you early NFT minting access on our platform while we're in beta and is issued by our team via email (from an authentic email address). If you don't have a Creator Pass code, the only ways to earn one are by participating in DoinGud campaigns, exhibitions, weekly events, community discussions, giveaways, or via a direct invitation email from our team.

Notice: DoinGud strives to be open and accessible to everyone, and will be removing the creator pass feature in early 2022 to open the platform for all creators.

Step 3: Choose the social causes you’d like to support

🌐 The DoinGud platform utilizes a built-in donation model whereby a portion of every NFT sale is automatically donated to a vetted social impact organization aligning with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Before minting your NFT, you will get to choose which SDGs you most align with as well as favorite a few social causes to support.

Step 3a

After activating your Creator Pass, select the “Social Causes” tab on your Dashboard.

Step 3b

Select the social topics (Sustainable Development Goals) you care about the most, then click “Browse Directory”.

Step 3c

Browse or search for social causes you would like to bookmark/save, and then set a your main social cause. Click “Finish” when you are done bookmarking and selecting a main cause.

*Note: These may be changed at any point by revisiting the "Social Causes" tab from your Profile and choosing “Browse All”

That’s it! You’re now ready to Create an NFT on DoinGud

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