If for some reason you need to change the details of a creation you’ve submitted to the Curation Pool or remove it from the Curation Pool altogether, please follow the below steps.

Reasons you may want to remove an NFT from the Curation Pool:

  1. You set the wrong Preferred Price and wish to change it

  2. You accidently submitted the wrong creation

  3. You submitted a creation that shouldn’t be in the Curation Pool or extra creations

  4. You want to change or edit your creation details

  5. You no longer want your creation in the Curation Pool

Step 1

Navigate to your Creator Dashboard and locate the creation you wish to remove from the Curation Pool. Click the creation.

Note: Creations that are in the Curation Pool will be marked with a “Pool” tag in the top right corner of their Creation Card.

Step 2

Click the “...” menu and select “Remove From Pool”

Step 3

From the popup, select “Yes, remove”

Step 4

That’s it! Your creation will now be removed from the curation pool and you may now submit it for sale or edit/resubmit it to the pool at a later point.

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