Step 1: Create an account at

Creating an Account on DoinGud

Step 2: Add your Creator Pass and launch your NFT

Step 2.1: Sign-in to your DoinGud account and go to your profile page

Click on your profile image in the top right at any time and click “View Dashboard” to reach your profile page.

Step 2.2: Enter your DoinGud creator pass code

Enter your DoinGud creator pass in the space shown below.

Notice: DoinGud strives to be open and accessible to everyone, and will be removing the creator pass feature in early 2022 to open the platform for all creators.

Step 2.3: Choose the social causes you’d like to support

The DoinGud platform utilizes a built-in donation model whereby a portion of every NFT sale is automatically donated to a vetted social impact organization aligning with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Before minting your NFT choose the SDGs you align with the most and your main social cause to support.

a) Select one or many sustainable development goals (SDG) that interest you

b) Bookmark your cause(s) in the top right corner of their information card to add them to your cause list

c) Choose a main social cause, this will be your default when minting.

Step 2.4: Begin the upload process

Click “Upload” to get started.

Notice: you must have a completed DoinGud profile with selected Social Causes before you can begin uploading!

Step 2.5: Upload Your Giveaway Creation

Drag and drop your creation or choose your file via "Upload Creation"

*Important: DoinGud supports photo (jpg, png, svg, gif) video (mp4), audio (mp3), 3D (glb, glv, gltf) with a maximum file size of 300mb

Step 2.6a: Enter your creation's details

Be sure to add in your title, details, collaborators, social cause, and necessary information for your creation at this phase.

Step 2.6b: Add Collaborators or Splits

On DoinGud, revenue from NFT sales can be split amongst multiple creators, social causes, and even galleries. To add collaborators, click on "Collaborators" and search for their usernames or input their polygon wallet address.

Step 2.7a: Set Your NFT Giveaway Price to Zero

Choose to sell your creation. Choose to sell your creation, set the sale price to ZERO, and choose the number of editions for your creation, we recommend 1,111 ;)

Step 2.7b: Set Giveaway Revenues & Royalties

As a creator, you’ll have the option to customize revenue splits for both primary sales and secondary market royalties between yourself, collaborators, and your chosen social impact organization.

Notice: The sum of the percentages under each market (primary/secondary) cannot exceed 100%

a) First, choose the primary market revenue split, keep in mind that in giveaways you will not be earning revenues in primary market sales.

b) Second, choose the secondary market revenue split, which will determine how royalties will be distributed from any secondary market sales of your NFT.

Notice: A minimum of 2.5% will be donated to your social cause, but you can choose to donate more if you'd like

Step 2.8: Finalize Giveaway & Confirm Sale Details

Review your creation details. If everything looks good, click “confirm” and “sign” your wallet transaction.

Step 3: Share your creation

Share the guide below with your community so they can easily collect your NFT giveaway!

Collecting a Free Giveaway on DoinGud

DoinGud makes it easy to share your NFTs on Twitter or Instagram by clicking on the pop-up of icons, so make sure to put your creation out there and tag #DoinGud #Abundance #GivingAbundance #AbundanceNFT and @DoinGudHQ so we can see!

Step 4: Claim funds from secondary market sales

Claiming Funds from an NFT Sale

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