DoinGud is an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity and positive social impact. We strive to be community-owned and curated, ensuring we empower our creators, curators, collectors, and communities with forward thinking web3 tools so they can tap into sustainable income streams, creatively engage with their patrons, and create lasting impact for the causes they care about.

The future is digital, and we're focused on crafting an ecosystem that's accessible to everyone and helps creators and their communities focus on what's important, creating.

What are DoinGud's goals?

Help Creators Focus on Creating

The NFT and blockchain space are expansive, ever evolving, and complex. DoinGud's goal is to make your NFT journey as simple as possible while giving you next-gen tools to create mindfully with friendly user flows you're already used to. In order for you to focus on creating, we are providing you with tools to collaborate with other artists, publishers, and brands through their galleries or yours!

Understand & Visualize Impact

DoinGud makes supporting social causes easy. We maintain transparency and make visible the impact both creator and collector contributions have for social causes. We make it easy for organizations and foundations to be accessible to creators and available to receive funds for their projects.

Facilitate a Connection between Creators and Communities

DoinGud wants to create awareness on how creators can support their own community and foster local interaction. DoinGud fosters an emotional connection and aims to do this by asking that Creators select causes they care about. When suggestions are needed, we use the following filters to increase that chance of a meaningful connection:

Nearest Social Causes / Country or Geolocation / Genre Match / SDG Preferences.

Once Creators have chosen their social cause, we invite them to find their own way to interact with them. In order to facilitate this process, we encourage Creators and SIOs to use the #art-and-social-impact channel on our Discord, as well as to connect through other means of communication (social media, email, etc).

Inclusion and Diversity

Beyond doing our part to be inclusive of as many different cultures, races, genders, economies, and humans from all over the world, we offer a wide variety of Social Causes of varying size, location, and purpose. It is important to us to be comprised of and designed for a variety of different voices and we are working to make the platform accessible to everyone, from NFT newbies to experts.

What causes does DoinGud support?

Our intention at DoinGud is to help see that funds are sent to social impact orgs aligning with each of the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). You can discover more information about each SDG and related projects on the United Nations website:

A list of the supported causes on DoinGud is available for Creator Accounts here.

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