How to Connect with our Community

How can I get more involved with the community and get to know more Creators, Social Causes, Collectors, and Curators?

The beauty of our ecosystem is in collaboration and communication, so we encourage you to explore possibilities and opportunities by networking with creators, curators, collectors, social causes, and community members on our Discord.

What kind of events is DoinGud having and where can I find them?

Every week we host events ranging from live discussions, podcasts, happy hours, educational workshops, and more! To keep up to date with our events, please follow us on Twitter or Instagram as well as subscribe to our Newsletter. We also regularly post special announcements and updates to our community Discord and Telegram channels.

Using Discord

How can I get a role assigned?

React with the appropriate emoji in the #roles channel to get assigned a specific role. After this, you will be granted access to channels designed for you.

How do I start a conversation on Discord?

Simply type what you are thinking in the appropriate channel so our community can hear what you have to say.

I have a question, should I post it in the community channels?

We strongly encourage you to do so. Our community is filled with talented, creative, kind, purposeful, intelligent humans who will probably have an answer for you.

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