Who belongs in the creators community?

Creators on DoinGud are fine artists, musicians, photographers, digital artists, content creators, brands, and communities looking to monetize their digital creations while consistently contributing to positive social impact. Our community includes a wide variety of creators and communities to ensure it embodies our vision of interconnecting humans and stimulating creativity.

How do I apply to be a Creator?

There are currently no applications for DoinGud. Creators who want to join the platform will either need to receive a Creator Pass during Beta or wait for our full platform launch when we open our creator tools to everyone.

What is the process to upload a creation?

Check out this guide on How to Upload a Creation on DoinGud. Follow the on screen prompts and enter all the necessary details requested. Complete all the required fields, select the appropriate options, and click "Publish" to post your creation to your profile.

How to get a Creator Pass (Early Access)?

Upon our platform's launch, Creator Passes will be issued to our first featured creators, exhibition participants, and by invite only while we prepare for our full-feature platform launch. Thank you for your patience.

How many people can collaborate and split payment on a single NFT?

You may have up to 200 creators or individuals collaborate on a single creation and receive proceeds and royalties automatically based on the percentages specified during the upload process.

How do I edit a creation that's been uploaded?

At DoinGud, you are able to edit most details of your creation up until its sale (or first sale in the scenario it's part of an edition). In order to edit an uploaded work, you must remove it from sale first. By removing your creation from sale, you will cancel all existing offers and remove it from the curation pool, so make certain you wish to do so.

Can I hide works that have sold previously?

Nope! We believe in full transparency across the DoinGud platform, plus all sold works are forever visible on the blockchain, regardless of the marketplace you're using.

Can galleries, collectives, brands, communities, or DAOs create profiles on DoinGud?

Anyone can create an account on DoinGud, and in the future we will have special profile types to accommodate users comprised of many users or managers.

What is the minting fee?

There are no minting fees for creators on DoinGud.

What fees do Creators pay?

Creators pay 0% platform fees and receive up to 95% of their sales after a minimum 5% donation to a social cause of their choosing. Creators who host their work with a gallery can expect to pay a minimum of 2.5% extra depending on the agreed upon proposal terms between themselves and the gallery.

Do Creators receive Royalties on DoinGud?

Yes they do! When a creator mints their work, they have full control over their own royalties to receive a percentage of future sales, and this applies to their collaborators and selected social cause as well! Creators should be mindful that setting high royalty % can deter collectors from buying their work as it leads to less potential resale value for them. Experimentation is key, but we recommend setting total royalties between 10-15% maximum.

In the future, we are working towards adhering to royalty standards to make sure your royalties stay intact across multiple platforms and blockchains.

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