Which currencies are available for buying and selling NFTs on DoinGud?

We currently allow payment via credit card / fiat (to acquire US Dollar Coin $USDC and Polygon $MATIC token) or US Dollar Coin $USDC and Polygon $MATIC token from your web3 wallet of choice. We will introduce the ability to pay with more currencies in the future.

How long does the transaction confirmation take?

While most transactions can take a few seconds to clear, in rare cases when the network is congested, it may take up to a few minutes for your transactions to clear. If your transaction has been stuck for a while, you should check with your wallet provider on how to speed up the transaction or cancel it so you may submit a new one to the network.

Do collectors have to use crypto to purchase art on the platform?

No, credit card payments (fiat) are also accepted.

What happens if my transaction is "dropped" or "failed"?

If your transaction is "dropped" or "failed", it did not successfully go through. Please try making your purchase or bid again if possible.

Can I cancel a pending transaction?

Yes, please check Metamask's or other wallets' transaction cancellation instructions.

If I'm outbid, when does my bid return to my wallet?

Your bid will return to your wallet immediately when outbid for an English Auction. All other sale types will hold your purchase/bid funds until a sale ends.

How are revenues shared between creators, collaborators, and social causes on DoinGud?

For all sales, creators have full control over their revenue splits. This includes appropriate collaborator(s), chosen social cause, and royalty percentages.

For Primary Market sales, a minimum of 5% of proceeds go towards a creator's selected social impact organization. DoinGud doesn't charge creators any platform or minting fees. This means creators receive up to 95% of their primary market sales, which they can choose to give more of to their selected social cause or collaborators (if applicable).

For Secondary Market sales, the creator's selected social cause receives 2.5% minimum. Creators can also receive a % of secondary market sales as royalties, which they have complete freedom to decide for both themselves and all their collaborators.

How soon can we expect funds?

As soon as you've successfully completed your sale you're able to claim your revenue on your creator page. Allow up to 5 mins to receive funds in your associated crypto wallet.

How do I receive funds?

For regular sales, your portion of the proceeds will be sent to your account wallet. and available for claiming immediately.

After a Drop or Exhibition sale, your funds will be available for you to claim AFTER collectors have minted and claimed their purchase. This will automatically happen 48 hours after your Drop or Exhibition ends.

To receive your pending funds, follow the Claiming Your Funds from a Sale Guide. Navigate to your account dashboard and if you have any funds "Pending", you'll be able to click the "Claim" button. If you wish to transfer your funds, please follow the Withdrawing Funds Guide.

What are the platform fees?

DoinGud charges collectors a platform fee of 2.5% during checkout.

Can a piece be resold onto another platform?

A piece can be resold on another platform as long as the platform supports ERC-1155 NFTs with EIP-2535 diamonds standard. We will do our best to integrate with other platforms as soon as possible and once we can ensure creator, collaborator, and donated proceeds remain intact externally.

How can I move my NFT to a cold wallet?

Once you purchase an NFT on our platform, you will have the ability to do with it as you wish. If you choose to withdraw it to a cold wallet, please follow the instructions on your Account Dashboard for Withdrawing an NFT.

Do social causes receive a portion of secondary market sales as well?

The minimum amount a social cause receives from secondary market sales is 2.5%.

Will the reseller have the option to choose their own social impact organization?

No, creators are the only ones able to designate which SIOs the proceeds from their creations go towards.

What are the associated fees to paying with credit-card?

There is a 4% minimum fee on all credit card payments through our fiat on-ramp providers Wert & Wyre.

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