How does a social impact organization receive its contributions?

To receive your funds on DoinGud, a Social Cause may use its existing cryptocurrency wallet or create a new one via email sign up and claim their funds as they come in from sales.

Do SIOs pay to join DoinGud?

There are no fees to SIOs to join DoinGud.

Which types of cryptocurrency does DoinGud support?

DoinGud currently accepts and makes payouts in US Dollar Coin (USDC). More currencies will be added soon.

How does my SIO, nonprofit, charity, or charitable project get started?

Easy! Complete our Social Cause Application. You will need a few things to hand for the Application:

  1. Official organization name

  2. National registration number, e.g. EIN to demonstrate the 501c3 status.

  3. The SIO's IRS Form 990 for each of the last three years.

  4. The SIO's cryptocurrency wallet "Public Key", which you can copy directly from the SIO's current cryptocurrency wallet.

May a nonprofit also be a creator, a collector, or curator?

Yes, SIO accounts will have the ability to be a creator, collector, and/or curator from their organization's account.

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