Reconnecting Your DID

1. First, Disconnect

Click your profile at the top write of the web page and click Disconnect.

2. Now let’s Connect

Click Connect in the top right corner where your profile usually is.

3. Connect your Wallet

Choose the wallet you wish to connect to DoinGud (we recommend Metamask).

4. Connect DID

Click your profile icon in the top right corner again, and click Connect DID.

If it doesn't work, you can also...

Clear Your Cookies

1. Click the Lock

it’s in the far left corner of the search bar of your web browser.

2. Click Cookies

A drop-down window will appear, click the arrow to the right of where it says Cookies

3. Remove the Cookies

From the pop-out window, click on everything in the little window ( + and hit Remove.

4. Once it’s Cleared

It will look like this once you're finished. Click Done

5. Connect DID Again

Refresh the page and try Connecting the DID again.

How to Reach Tech Support

If you ever experience any technical issues, the fastest way to reach tech support is by using the little black chat window on our website. They have a direct line to the tech department and will fix your issues very quickly.

You're all set!

Optional Extra Steps:

Creating an Account on DoinGud

Connecting your wallet to Polygon Network

Edit & Customize Your Profile

Editing Preferences & Notifications

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