Once your creation(s) have been uploaded, you MUST submit each creation to the Curation Pool so they can be eligible for a community exhibition.

💡 Creators may submit a MAXIMUM of 3 creations at a time to the curation pool for an Exhibition. Users who submit more will be disqualified.

From your Creator Dashboard, click on the creation you wish to submit. From the individual creation page, click the " Submit to Pool" Button. Follow and complete the on screen prompts for each creation you will be submitting to the curation pool.

Watch the following video

Note: You will know if your creation is successfully submitted to the pool by the tag in the top right corner of the Creation Card that says "Pool" as well as the "Preferred Price" noted at the bottom on your Creator Dashboard. The Preferred price is what a single edition of your creation will be priced at, so if it’s a 1/1, put your reserve/minimum price, and if it’s a creation with editions, put your desired price per edition.

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